Why Us?

  • 1Premium
    Quality - Water quality report
  • 2Personalized
  • 3Help the planet
    and its inhabitants

Aguavida is a young company that has the support of its parent company Aguas de Colombia, a company with over 30 years experience in the design, construction, installation and commissioning of treatment plants, drinking water, wastewater and industrial .

  1. Premium Quality. | Aguavida water is a unique, ultra pure mattrass, pH balanced, free of dissolved solids, germs, inorganic elements, heavy metals and chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and mercury.
  2. Personalized Service. | It will not answer a call center, you will not have to press numbers and numbers to order water or any other application, we know you deserve the best care and we are always willing to do everything possible to give you the best water.
  3. Help the planet and its inhabitants. | Aguavida is committed to the environment, we know the importance of water in the world, and we know the importance of helping children and especially Colombia that do not have access to potable water.