Aguavida Think Blue


Aguavida Think Blue (Aguavida Helps)

Consuming ultra pure water is important for our health, but it is also important to preserve the health of mother earth.

Aguavida uses bottles in policarbonate, a material thats colorless, flavorless and easy to rinse (the Aguavida machine disinfects each bottle every time it fills it up again). A bottle can be used up to 100 times, therefor you can consume 1980 litres of ultra pure water in one container. When your bottle has completed its useful life cycle, it is recycled in 90% to be used in home appliences.

Water Stores with local production and distribution

Aguavida Premium water has developed a completely unique and innovative business model. Water stores equipped with the worlds best water treatment equipment, offering our customers the best quality in water and service. Stores with local production and distribution, which generate less consumption of energy and non-renewable resources and also contributes to the local community.