Consuming ultra pure water is important for our health, but it is also important to preserve the health of mother earth.  Aguacol USA Corporation created the Aguavida Premium Water brand to commercialize Premium water at a reasonable price, with local production and distribution to contribute socially and environmentally.

Would you like your muscles to have 76% more pure water?
Aguavida Offers to types of water : Premium water treated with reverse osmosis and a hint of minerals and alkaline water.

Do you know how much to drink?
The amount of water you should drink is relative to your body weight, that's why:
For every 18 lbs of bodyweight, it is recommended you drink a 250 ml glass of pure water.

Why US?

    • 1Premium
      Quality - Water quality report
    • 2Personalized
    • 3Help the planet
      and its inhabitants
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People Say

Me encanta el diseño, la imagen y el concepto de aguavida!!! Desde que nació mi hijo tomamos más de 5 botellas diarias.

Camilo Martínez